hercules soundtrack

mod squad theme

a night in tunisia

tombo in 7/4

i'm a drifter

new york state of mind

cherry red

old school funk

happy people

for pete's sake

time warp glee

i am down but i am far from over

leavin' my troubles behind

st. louis blues

darkness darkness

uptown funk

walkin on the sun

darkness darkness

shut up and dance

in the afterlife

never gonna let you go

senor blues

got to use my imagination

friendship train

eleanor rigby

friday night at the universe


lovely day

right down the line

where do the children play

the highwayman

couldn't get it right

der kommissar


rockin in the free world

reason to believe

live to tell

from nine to the universe

zach's song

king of pain


you keep me hangin' on

shot in the dark

i just wanna make love to you

babylon sisters

black cow

highway star

little wing

stressed out

soul tunes

pay my dues

in the beginning

take me to the pilot


chester thompson

soul vaccination

bueno funk

acoustic lady

witch queen

funky bob newhart theme

sanford and son

nancy with the laughing face


violet don't be blue

wichita lineman

violet don't be blue

walkin ln l.a.

hey grandma

the night before


dolly dagger

papa was a rolling stone

serenade to a cuckoo

watermelon man

midnight in moscow


our lips are sealed

locomotive breath

go to hell

tumblin dice

buried alive in the blues

morning noon and night

it don't come easy

afro blue

i wanna know what love is

don't change horses

one more heartache

baby scratch my back

heart of stone

i'm not your stepping stone

third world man

you gotta serve somebody

crockett's theme

love machine

hurry up and wait


jesus is just alright

billy balloon

midnight in moscow

the chicken

ain't nobody

get down on it

round midnight

miami vice

dirty deeds

people make the world go round

one mint julip

lucky man




watermelon man

going in circles

remind me

this is it

love is the answer

mamas don't let your babies

don't fool around with a ramblin man

man of constant sorrow

man of constant sorrow

chica bomb


i just want to be your everything

mas que nada

have a drink on me

you are a winner

new york state of mind

jenny 867-5309

along comes mary

busta move

ritual fire dance

herbie hancock: buddhism and creativity

bob proctor & paradigms

keith jarrett on improvisation

hendrix sings the 12 string blues

flute song

feed my frankenstein

"holes" film score

walk the dinosaur

ritual fire dance

the way it is

hello here's johnny

ya mo be there

walk  like a man

the wichita lineman


luis peralta

scream & shout

barbie girl

green peppers

movin on up

break song

movin on up

dirty water

up all night

while you see a chance

back in the high life

the weight

movin on up

man of constant sorrow

tower of dreamers

i wear my sunglasses at night

hep cat symphony

chovenda na roseira

behind blue eyes

everybody is a star

home at last

a star is born

40,000 headmen

tight rope

nardis lesson



hang on to your life

tobacco road

eddie kramer mixing dolly dagger



actual proof

baker street

time machine

outta space

 heaven is in your mind

the bus

mule skinner blues

the chicken

enter sandman

axel's theme

skin tight

jump to it

heaven is in your mind

dreamin isn't good for you

mission impossible theme

mission impossible score

soul shadows

magnum p.i

children's games

pick up the pieces

it happens every day

winding river

do what you like

the spook that sat by the door

white horse

remind me

you spin me right round

beds are burning

rock the casbah

babylon sisters


let the sunshine in

love tko

love the life you live

people are stupid


larger than life

cryptic eclipse




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